I was a reluctant student, seeing little value in the time required to meditate. But since learning several months ago, Vedic Meditation has become a part of my daily life. My practice provides an opportunity to collect, organize, and enhance the thoughts running through my head, or to eliminate the backlog of thoughts and clear my mind completely. After each session, I feel new energy. Peter is a dedicated teacher- flexible enough to adapt his lessons to his students’ strengths, weaknesses, interests, and attitudes. He is conscientious in following up and encouraging continued commitment. I highly recommend exploring meditation with Peter as a guide.

Robert, CEO


Peter is a fantastic teacher. His knowledge of Vedic Meditation is vast, and his calm and patience is remarkable. One of the things I love about this kind of meditation is that there is no pressure to "do something" when we meditate - we just can be. That's a lot different from other types of meditation, and I find it more relaxing and effective. I also love that once you take the course, Peter is there for you as a coach forever and sometimes that's really necessary to keep you steady with your practice. Meditation is something I look forward to and need in my life - it's a gift Peter gave me and I couldn't be more grateful.

Andrea, CMO


I am new to meditating and Peter was the perfect instructor to introduce me to meditation - calm, thoughtful, peaceful and committed. His instruction has helped me begin a new chapter in my life and I look forward to lifelong experience with an excellent teacher to help guide me. 

Regina, consultant


Since I started practicing Vedic Meditation, my outlook on life has become much brighter. I am more centered and less worried. My meditation practice has enhanced my lifestyle for the long term and inspired me to accomplish unimaginable goals. I am grateful to have Peter as a guiding light. He is a kind-hearted teacher who carefully listens and provides thoughtful advice.

Timika, financial analyst


Like many people, I never considered meditation would be something for me.  I didn't know how to discern among the different practices, who to trust, where to start, and I feared wasting my time on something 'hokey'.  After listening at the Introductory Session, I am glad to say I was wrong: Peter is a faithful, patient, down-to-earth teacher who has given me a method I am able to use as a gift for myself (and those around me)!  If you're feeling scattered, rushed, reactive, and unfocused, or want to further refine your life priorities, I highly recommend working with Peter.

Grace-Ann, marketing professional & mom to three


What I like about Vedic Meditation is that it’s not about quieting the mind, but letting go & allowing the mind do what it needs to do. Peter is an attentive teacher, and makes himself available long after the course to answer any questions or concerns that pop up. 

Scott, high school english teacher


I feel like Peter is the type of person more people should strive to emulate. He is calming, professional, friendly and easy to learn from. He embraced my curiosity effortlessly and welcomed me into his home to learn more about Vedic Meditation. 

Brett, audio mixer