Twenty-seven centuries ago, Patanjali, the great Seer (maharishi) of Vedic meditation, cognized his masterpiece, The Yoga Sutras.

A Sutra is a consciousness formula. Yoga is the experience of unity of one's individual mind with cosmic mind. In his treatise, Patanjali describes the method for achieving mastery of the relationship between individual human potential and the laws of Nature. Very few masters have fathomed the truth of Patanjali's teaching and techniques, and consequently his teaching had faded into obscurity until recently.

A siddhi is an extraordinary human power, a rare capability to interact with the laws of Nature to manifest desires, the power to engage the laws of Nature in order to live in accord with them from within one's deep level of bliss consciousness. Once mastered, the siddhis are considered to be the most powerful and advanced technique in a meditator's repertoire.

Prerequsites: This course is designed for the advanced Vedic meditator. The prerequisite for Mastering the Siddhis is completion of Exploring the Veda, Part 1-6. Alternatively, the course can be taken one for one, i.e.: completing Exploring the Veda, Part 1 prior to undertaking Mastering the Siddhis, Part 1.

Mastering the Siddhis, Part 1 is scheduled for May 2019 in New York City. Contact us for more information or to sign up.