The Veda is the ancient record of spiritual experience that is the source of yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, meditation, and Indian philosophy. The Veda is knowledge of the true conscious intent of the Universe. Acquisition of this knowledge allows one to attune their awareness to the ongoing and ever-changing laws of Nature, resulting in the ability to experience less friction, determine the right response to any situation, and attain great clarity in the world around you.

Thom Knoles is recognized as one of the world's foremost teachers of the Veda's true meaning and application. In a six-seminar course of 73-hours recorded over a two year period, Thom delves deeply into the Veda and draws out pearls of wisdom that are nothing short of life-changing. Students of Exploring the Veda learn techniques for deepening meditation, for correcting the mistakes of the intellect, and for manifesting the life experiences that reveal true fulfillment. This knowledge is the most powerful and practical you may ever experience, and will impact your everyday existence on multiple levels. 

Exploring the Veda is offered once or twice each year. Contact us for more information or to sign up.