If you have been meditating regularly for at least twelve months, you are eligible to receive an Advanced Technique. An Advanced Technique is designed to take one's awareness to that layer of consciousness that straddles the relative and absolute; to integrate that deeply charming state of bliss we experience in our deepest meditations, into every moment of the waking state.

Advanced Techniques are for those who want to speed up their evolution. It is like a car shifting from a low gear to a higher gear to gain speed: we can get where we need to in first gear, but it will take much longer than if we shifted into a higher gear.

An Advanced Technique may involve the student learning a more advanced version of their existing mantra, or it may involve learning a more advanced method of using the mantra they already have received.

Advanced Techniques are taught over two separate 90-minute private appointments. Contact us for more information or to sign up.