The Search for Happiness

Every Easter, our family tradition is the annual egg hunt. Searching high & low, inside & out, both for the eggs that were dyed the previous week, as well as the plastic eggs that might have a sweet surprise inside. We're incentivized to find all of the eggs: it's never good to have a hard-boiled egg lost in the house somewhere. 

Many of us have spent our lifetimes on a hunt of a different kind: the search for happiness. What is that thing that is going to make me happy today? Is it going to be the new iPhone 8? Maybe that relationship? Oooh- if I can get myself those brilliant shoes- surely that will do the trick. 

All of these perceived sources of happiness are transitory: once we extract what we need from them, we're on the hunt for the next thing, & the next, & the next. We spend our days & nights looking for happiness on the surface.

Then we learn to meditate. We close our eyes, think our mantra, & surrender as that sound gets finer & fainter & quieter, & more charming with each repetition of it. We can't help but follow that sound to our least excited state, where we experience deep rest & inner calm. In this state, we feel completely fulfilled. We're smiling inside & out.

Happiness is not something we need to find. It's right here inside us every moment of the day. All we have to do is notice. And the best way to remind ourselves it's there is to get to our meditation practice & experience it firsthand. 

So call off the search dogs: you've found it. You can check that box off your list. Embrace your bliss. It is here for you always.