The Perfect Place to Be

Today I meditated here- in a treehouse. It was lovely: the breeze blowing through my hair, the sound of squirrels and birds chirping from the trees nearby, and the warmth of the late spring air on my skin. The only disturbance was a flock of Canadian geese flying overhead, honking their brains out. 

I've been road-tripping through the Midwest this week & this was the most recent of my meditation spots. Thus far, I've meditated in a cab; on a plane; in a terminal; on a lumpy bed; in the passenger seat with the radio playing (and again with it off); in my grandmother's bedroom while she was talking to my mom; and in still other locations, too. 

In all cases, my meditation was great. The location itself had no bearing on the experience. It's the same routine every time: I sit down, close my eyes, pick up my mantra, & take it as it comes. Where I'm sitting is not relevant. Wherever we can think, we can meditate. 

Our meditation practice is entirely portable: that means we can do it anywhere. We don't need a sanctuary to meditate. We don't need someone else to guide us through it. Wherever we feel safe is a good place to practice. 

We all have excuses why we can't meditate. Let's take location off the table. Do your research and meditate EVERYWHERE. Do it in the open: on a park bench; in the office; on the beach; on the metro. The world is your sandbox; play & explore. 

We meditate twice a day, for the gifts our practice gives us. And we don't give up on it because we're not in the right place; we do it wherever it feels charming. We close our eyes & enjoy the bliss. And when we open our eyes, we're not thinking about the park bench or the honking cars or the squawking birds. We feel calm and at peace.

Don't skip your meditation because you're not in the 'right place.' Don't judge where you're sitting. Let go and do it now. Wherever you are is the perfect place to be.