Our Mistaken Intellect

In ancient times, Egyptians believed it was possible to live again after death. It was thought, however, that the body had to remain intact for the soul to continue its journey- hence, the practice of mummification. 

To prepare the body, the embalmers would remove and carefully preserve all of the organs, except two: the heart & the brain. The heart was regarded as the source of reasoning & feeling. It would testify to the goodness of the deceased, & was crucial to survival in the afterlife. As such, it remained untouched & in place within the body. And the brain? It was useless: the embalmers drained it unceremoniously from the body & tossed it aside. 

This practice of preservation dates back to 3500 BCE. Interestingly, even then, folks questioned what that little voice inside their head was telling them. And clearly, they didn't like what they heard.

We all know the voice well. It comes up whenever we wonder whether we're capable of doing something- anything. Can I get that job? Should I ask that person on a date? Am I smart enough to solve this problem?

The little voice is our mistaken intellect. It has a memory & is remarkably proficient at reminding us whenever we've stumbled at any time in our life. The purpose of our mistaken intellect is to create doubt within us. And because it's a familiar voice, we typically believe whatever it says. 

Unlike in ancient times, we recognize our brain has some redeeming qualities: the intellect isn't all bad. Sometimes, instead of playing the role of prosecutor, it switches up & becomes an advocate, praising us for all the things we can accomplish, & showcasing our true nature. And yet because it plays both sides of the game, it becomes even harder to discern reality from fake news.   

Our mistaken intellect requires a course correction: the nagging negativity needs to take a flying leap & depart from our internal echo chamber. Our meditation practice initiates that step. Each time we meditate, we are raising our consciousness state. Our stresses fall away & in their place, we experience broader awareness of our truth. We recognize our full potential. And we start to see glimmers of light piercing their way through the dark basket in which we sometimes find ourselves. 

We are capable of anything & everything. Our potential is limitless, & happiness & bliss are there for the taking. Next time the little voice makes an appearance, put your brain to good use & consider pressing the mute button. It's the smart move.