Finding Time

Twenty minutes, twice a day. It doesn't sound like much but for those of us with packed schedules, finding time to meditate sometimes seems impossible. There are so many other things that take precedence over our meditation practice. And yet it's the folks who can't find the time to fit meditation into their life that need it the most.

Dwelling on the past or trying to predict the future takes up an enormous chunk of our day. Our meditation practice clears out the cobwebs in our mind, provides greater mental clarity, and increases our reaction time. When we meditate, we're not riding the speculation train or getting bogged down by anxieties and worries about things out of our control. We're right here, grounded in the present.

We want to make our practice a priority. And the best way to do that is to put it on our schedule, as we do everything else in our lives. Meetings, errands, kids' activities- they all get entered into our calendar or our phone. Our meditation practice is one more thing that needs a checkmark each day. So schedule it. Before you go to bed, figure out when you're going to meditate the next day. Better yet, sit down on Sunday and plan it out for the entire week. Our practice makes us happier and healthier (along with a host of other benefits). Just as we make time for the gym or a doctor's appointment, we can find space in our day for a quick dive. And as with your other appointments, your phone will remind you when it's time to meditate. But don't hit snooze: our meditation practice is one event we don't want to dismiss.

Other scheduling suggestions- Some people get excited for their afternoon expresso, the lift they need to get over their post-lunch food coma. As meditators, we get a far more lasting high from our meditation practice. And strange enough, a trip to Starbucks takes about twenty minutes (coincidence?). Skip the caffeine rush & grab some eyes closed time instead. 

Other folks take smoking breaks. Ironically, it’s smokers who spend more time outside than everyone else, often 10-15 minutes every few hours in the sun, and no one gives them a hard time about it. Why should your meditation practice be any different? Take a wellness break- find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and get in your meditation. You'll emerge with a clear head, and you'll smell good, too. 

Our meditation practice not a chore, but a gift. When we come out of meditation, we're refreshed and ready to take action. Our 2x20 investment yields an exponential return: more time in our day because we're so much more effective and efficient at everything we do. 

Make your meditation a priority. You'll have all the time in the world.