Last night, I encountered a previous version of myself. I was driving home from work in bumper-to-bumper Friday evening traffic. I merged into a lane leading me to my offramp, & shortly afterward, noticed the car behind me was flashing his lights & honking his horn. I continued moving forward, & the driver of that car saddled up alongside & began screaming at me. He had a wide open lane in front of him but insisted on holding up the traffic behind him to express his anger & frustration at whatever I'd done to upset him. As he finally stopped berating me & pulled away, I glanced at his license plate: MAD MAC.

Before I started meditating, I was prone to road rage: in Chicago, in Los Angeles- wherever there happened to be traffic. Someone would be driving under the speed limit in the left-hand fast lane, or would cut me off, or would honk at me for one reason or another. Each episode would leave me seething. If it happened on the way to work, I might hold onto that anger into my day; it might even stay with me until the drive home, waiting for someone else to trigger me into an even stronger reaction. 

Then I learned to meditate. I started releasing stress & began visiting the deep calm within myself twice a day. I learned to let go & take it as it comes. And a strange and beautiful thing occurred: my commute didn't trigger me anymore. Someone might cut me off, & it wouldn't bother me- or I'd forget about it a few car lengths later. Even the slow drivers in the fast lane- still annoying, but it doesn't take me to that reactionary place. My Mad Mac days are behind me.

Our meditation practice provides benefit to each one of us, in different ways. It's worth taking a moment to notice the contrast in yourself from time to time. When we realize what meditation does for us, we make the time for it, even on our busiest days. As we make our practice non-negotiable, the positive changes keep on coming. 

Meditate. Let go of your stress, embrace your bliss, and realize the best version of yourself. It is a lovely journey.