We Are All Connected


These windmills were my discovery of the day. They are fascinating to watch, as they turn & spin in response to the wind. They are located within Tongva Park in Santa Monica & I found them during an interactive theater experience there this afternoon that explored what it means to feel community with others. 

We may often feel ‘connected’ to something. When we meditate and experience a deep calmness within ourselves, that’s us dipping our toe into consciousness. Consciousness is one oceanic thing: it may seem like we are individual crests of water floating across the sea, but those waves all settle as ocean- one massive, all-encompassing ocean. 

We are all connected, in one way or another; we are all part of the same universal community. 'ALL' includes everyone: even those folks who seem different from us, or those we may not like. Sometimes it’s challenging to see ourselves in every person around us: what do I have in common with that homeless person or that person who has different political beliefs, or that person who practices a different religion than I do? And yet there is always common ground. Start at the most base level- you’ll find something you have in common with these ‘other’ people. Maybe you both have the same color hair. Maybe you both like the beach or the mountains or the same place for coffee. Maybe you like the same sports teams. We may have contradictory beliefs in other areas, and that's okay. We don't have to be the same person to get along. 

A polarized society does not have to be the ever repeating known. There are ways to find a connection with anyone if we make the slightest effort. Take the first step & engage with someone you might otherwise have written off or ignored because they were different from you (smiling is an excellent icebreaker). You may discover you're part of a whole community you never knew existed. Give it a shot- you'll be surprised at the result.