The Change We Seek


Last week, I painted my house- where we gather for Sunday group meditation. It was a dramatic change, from beige & white to slate blue. It was enough of a shift that people who had visited the house before couldn't find it: they were walking up & down the block, mystified where my house had gone, wondering if they were on the right street. The house they knew was unrecognizable from its current version.

The same thing happens after we practice meditation for a little while: we begin to change. We start smiling more, laughing more, brushing off small nuisances, & chilling out. The good parts of us increase, & the bad parts- our weaknesses that maybe only we know about- decrease. We're becoming a better version of our self. 

When we sit down to meditate, we experience our least excited state. Even when our mind is caught up in thoughts or our to-do list, we're connecting to the calm, peaceful easy feeling that resides within us. We start to identify with our bliss. And when we do, we can't help but share that warmth & love with everyone we meet. We become an exporter of happiness: patient & adaptive in challenging situations; always rolling with the punches & taking it as it comes.  

These changes often surprise those around us, the ones who know us best. Our friends may wonder, "Who is this person? Where's the guy I used to know? The only difference is they're meditating. Can meditation do all of that?"

Yes, it can. 

Progressive, evolutionary change is possible, & it's what we want. It's why we started our meditation practice in the first place. Why put it off any longer? Twenty minutes, twice a day. Make time for your practice & experience your best self.